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Vineyard and Harvest Private Experience!

Tour Highlights

  • Learn about the traditional way of life on Crete.
  • Help make wine during harvest season, from picking the grapes to stomping them!
  • Tantalise your tastebuds with local recipes based on wine.
  • Enjoy a glass or more of local wines and learn about the local varieties from harvest to bottling.
  • Participate in a hands-on cooking class in a picturesque mountaintop village.
  • From Stomp to Sip in Crete!
  • Love wine? Want to be a farmer for a day and get hands-on experience in a vineyard? Willing to get your feet wet and red in a roll-up-your-pants grape stomp?! Even if you don’t like physical labor, you can still enjoy the fruits of the grape harvest! Grab this opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime experience off the beaten path on Crete.


Meeting point:

We will be waiting on the square in front of the Chania Municipal Market or Chania old Market.

Please make sure that you are facing the Kydon Hotel!

We will be standing on the square holding a Crete Local Adventures sign.

Pl. Agoras 69 / Old Chania Market, Chania 731 32. See the Map

Private Group min 2 people

What you’ll do

Another summer is coming to an end, which means it’s time for the grape harvest! Join us on our food, wine, and harvest tour at a village off the beaten path, and become a farmer for the day. One of the best ways to explore the heart of Crete away from the tourist centres is to mingle with the locals, and what better way to do this than by participating in an ancient task?

You’ll tour the island, get to harvest and stomp grapes, and sample olives and cheeses, all while working in a family vineyard. You’ll also devour an organic meal, prepare sweets with wine-based recipes, and finish off your day with a bag of farm goodies to bring home! It’s a celebration for the whole family!

We’ll start our day with a traditional Greek coffee before arriving at the hilltop village and family-owned business. Along the way, we will point out the landmarks, but they mostly entertain you with local stories of the area.

Then it’s time to feel the passion and excitement of winemaking! You’ll join the family in the vineyard, where you’ll gain a deeper understanding of Greek wine culture, learn about the history of wine on Crete, and discover the local varieties. You’ll practice traditional winemaking methods while turning your feet purple with the ancient method of maceration: wine stomping! You’ll also get to appreciate locally farmed organic products with a mouthwatering meal, paired with house wines, of course.

All locations have been checked by me and my team to guarantee the uniqueness of the places and of course the quality of the food and drinks.

Duration: 8 hours